Restaurant Owners

Would you hand your dining guests a menu in a foreign language?

Wine lists read like a foreign language
to all but the most well-traveled guests.

Pro Wine Guide serves your guests as an always on-duty wine specialist helping break through the communication barrier of wine speak. Our service provides a full-color, interactive version of your hand-selected wine list that replaces the PDF or JPEG files on your restaurant website. We combine expert wine knowledge with cloud-based technology and powerful smart devices. Pro Wine Guide supports your servers, sommelier and management engaging every guest either at the table or before they reach your doors.

Simply Uncomplicated

* Your hand-selected wine list in a glanceable design.
* Full-color bottle labels, tasting notes from the winery tech sheets, videos where available.
* No distracting retail pricing, non-professional tasting notes or scores as in popular crowdsourced apps.
* PWG is a link you may use within your own website, social media or digital advertising.
* Guests use their own mobile devices. Restaurant does not need to purchase smart tablets.

Simply Un-intimidating

* Communicates with guests through the universal language of flavors.
* Flavor profiles are user friendly and give servers and guests the same starting point.
* Flavor profiles open up the world of wine to the guest when they can see their favorite wine alongside others within a category.

Simply Fun and Engaging

* A year of analytics show that users spend an average of 3 to 4 minutes each time they view a wine list.
* When available, videos from the winery or winemaker help connect, educate and inform the guest at the point of sale.

Simply the Easiest Way
to Begin the Wine Conversation

* You provide us with a PDF of your hand-selected wine list, your logo in a PNG format and brand color codes.
* We set up your Pro Wine Guide wine list and provide you the link, which you use on your website in place of your wine menu PDF or JPEG.
* We provide a PDF document so that your printed wine list mirrors the cloud version.
* We also provide materials to help servers introduce your Pro Wine Guide wine list to your guests.

Would you like to sell more wine?

Let Pro Wine Guide help your guests start their next memorable wine and dining experience.

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