Restaurant Owners

Let our uncomplicated, interactive digital wine list format engage your guests as a conversation starter.

Until now, wine lists haven’t changed much since man began writing on cave walls and papyrus. Pro Wine Guide brings wine lists into the new digital millennium. A PWG interactive, visual version of your hand-selected wine list can replace the static pdf or jpeg version on your restaurant website. Guests can peruse your wine list on their own smart devices and select like a pro — both at the table or before they reach your doors! You can also link to your PWG visual wine list in your digital advertising and social media.

Wine is a complicated and intimidating subject not just for customers, but also for wait staff. PWG helps fill the knowledge gap for your customers and wait staff, alike. Our proprietary program quickly guides the customer through the wine selection process.

Unlike apps for buying wines in a retail setting, PWG matches winery tasting notes and, when available, winery produced videos to your hand-selected wine list. No non-professional reviews or videos are used. We allow the winemaker or winery owner to speak directly to the customer at the point of sale, leaving no doubt as to the authenticity of the winemaking magic.

Pro Wine Guide Features & Benefits

  • Wine Selection by Food Pairings & Flavor Profiles
  • Uncomplicated, Interactive, Glanceable Design
  • Winery Tasting Notes & Winemaker Videos for Premiumization of Sales
  • Accessibility: Anywhere 24/7
  • Platform Friendly: All Smart Devices
  • Fast Response
  • PWG / Customer Website & Social Media Integration
  • Customized to Your Theme
  • Event Promotions
  • Analytics
  • Cooperative Mrktg through Social Media
  • Low Initial Set-up Cost + Monthly

PWG is like an in-house wine specialist supporting your staff by helping them engage every diner at every table every hour of your business day. This results in putting wine on the table faster. Industry reports have shown that digital wine lists can impact your wine sales anywhere from 10% to 30% — and even more during special events and holidays when servers have less time to do a proper tableside wine presentation. Results may vary and depend on how fully a client implements all the capabilities of this concept.

Whether your restaurant is a single store enterprise or a multi-unit operation, Pro Wine Guide can accommodate your wine list needs. For more information please view our video or contact us at

“Pro Wine Guide makes a big difference in my restaurant. It has increased awareness about wine. It has increased my sales. People tell us they love it. It is information that is incredible: it gives knowledge to people who know nothing about wine.”
— Chef Thierry Burkle (from the Pro Wine Guide video on YouTube)
Owner, The Grill at Leon Springs, San Antonio, TX

“The Pro Wine Guide is the long overdue solution for bringing technology to the wine list. Using the interface you are most comfortable with, it brings the wide world of wine to everybody’s hand — customers, servers, wine stewards, managers and owners. Everyone can have the wine guide at their fingertips. Every restaurant needs the Pro Wine Guide.”
— Steven Krueger,
Broker, VeryTejas Wines;
25 yr. veteran of the restaurant industry